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Reverse Signs of Facial Aging

Facelifts of the past only pulled the skin back, which created a “windswept” appearance that looked overdone. At Sykes Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer the most advanced techniques to tighten the underlying tissue and muscles. Hence, the patient maintains their natural-looking complexion but a younger-looking version.

Why Choose Dr. Jonathan Sykes?

Dr. Jonathan Sykes calls a facelift “facial rejuvenation surgery” because the entire process helps to revitalize your complexion, so it looks like it did several years prior to the operation. He brings over three decades of experience performing deep plane facelifts for natural and long-lasting results.

As a double-board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial procedures, Dr. Sykes uses the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery to lift the neck, restore jawline definition, and raise the soft tissues in the mid-face region while preserving your fundamental appearance.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in facial anatomy, Dr. Sykes uses artistic precision to enhance the features of your face and reverse signs of aging on your skin. With a comforting and compassionate approach to patient care, he will always make sure you feel at ease.

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What Is a Facelift?

Facelift surgery tightens the skin on the face and neck while correcting sagging in the jawline and jowls. The procedure can smooth deep wrinkles and restore sunken cheeks to a more youthful, vibrant appearance. Facelifts work on the mid to lower regions of the face and neck, so any signs of visible aging on the eyebrows, forehead, or eyelid area would benefit from complementary surgical or non-surgical treatments for a holistic facial balance. During your consultation, Dr. Sykes will help you choose the best treatment path for your aesthetic goals.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Dr. Sykes performs facelifts in Roseville under anesthesia or sedation to keep you comfortable throughout the operation. He takes great care to ensure that all incisions are strategically placed so that they heal nearly invisibly. Through the agreed-upon incisions, Dr. Sykes will adjust the underlying tissues and tighten the skin to restore a more youthful appearance. 

The procedure lasts approximately two hours, depending on the extent of your surgery and whether you choose to combine other facial procedures. Once Dr. Sykes completes your operation, he will close the incisions carefully to minimize the potential for visible scarring. You may go home the same day as long as you designate someone to drive you.

The Recovery Process

Recovery from a facelift will require a couple of weeks of downtime from work. You may experience some bruising, swelling, and tenderness for the first two or three weeks after surgery. Swelling can be alleviated by keeping your head elevated as much as possible, including while sleeping. Dr. Sykes will prescribe medications to help you manage any discomfort and suggest you avoid more vigorous exercise for at least three weeks. As the swelling subsides, within four to six weeks, you will begin to see the results of your surgery. Dr. Sykes will check on your healing progress at various intervals of your recovery period to ensure everything is going as planned.

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Schedule Your Consultation Today

Facelift surgery can give your face back several years, helping you look as youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sykes will help you build a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and meets your aesthetic goals. If you’re ready to restore to turn back the clock on your complexion, call our office today or use our online form to schedule your consultation for your facelift in Roseville with Dr. Jonathan Sykes.

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