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Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

The nose is a prominent feature at the center of your face, but most people don’t want all the attention focused on it. Rhinoplasty – also known as nose surgery or a nose job – in Roseville can balance your nose to look proportional to the rest of your facial features. Rhinoplasty corrects cosmetic and functional nasal issues. Whether you feel unhappy with your nose’s size or shape or you’re experiencing problems breathing from a deviated septum, our nose surgery in Roseville can improve the function and appearance of your nose, boosting your confidence at the same time.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgically reshapes the nose, altering its size, shape, contour, or symmetry. Nose surgery effectively corrects the following cosmetic concerns:

  • A long, crooked, wide, hooked, asymmetrical, or misshapen nose
  • A hump or bump on the nose
  • A pointy, downturned, or bulbous nasal tip
  • Oversized nostrils
  • Deformity resulting from a nose injury
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Rhinoplasty Surgery with Dr. Jonathan Sykes

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What Happens During Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Sykes carefully evaluates your face in its entirety to shape the nose in such a way that it blends more harmoniously with the rest of your features. He uses his eye for artistic excellence, considering the relationship between the nose and the chin and cheekbones while using advanced techniques to customize a nose that suits your individual needs.

Using the appropriate anesthesia or sedation to keep you comfortable, Dr. Sykes will perform either the open or closed approach, depending on your treatment plan. Closed rhinoplasty can be done through the nostrils entirely without requiring an external incision. This technique works best on less extensive cases and leaves no visible scarring.

Open rhinoplasty involves an incision along the columella, the skin between your nostrils. This technique allows for the greatest visibility and accessibility so Dr. Sykes can reshape the cartilage and bone structures. In cases where the nose has insufficient tissue, cartilage can be harvested from the ear or the ribs to rebuild the nasal structure for the desired look.

Meet Jonathan Sykes, MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

A renowned leader and award-winning educator in the field of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Sykes served as the Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of California, Davis Medical Center for over 30 years. He is considered one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the world. Having performed live demonstrations of his cutting-edge techniques in over 15 countries, Dr. Sykes received the prestigious William Wright Teaching Award from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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The Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

After your rhinoplasty in Roseville, you may experience minor bruising, swelling, tenderness, stuffiness, or bleeding for a few days. Maintaining an elevated head position will relieve the swelling, most of which subsides within the first month. Pain medication can alleviate any discomfort you may feel. Most important to remember is that the swelling can take up to a year to resolve fully, so rhinoplasty recovery does require some patience before you can see the results. Dr. Sykes will give you a nasal splint to protect the nose for the first week and recommends taking seven to ten days off to heal. Patients can return to work and daily activities after this point and more strenuous exercise after one month.

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The rhinoplasty results are permanent, so you can enjoy your new facial aesthetic for a lifetime. Choosing the top surgeon with an adequate understanding of facial anatomy will ensure your results boost your confidence and feelings of attractiveness. If you are ready to let one of the top surgeons in the world transform your nose, call our office today or use our online form to schedule your consultation for your rhinoplasty in Roseville with Dr. Jonathan Sykes.