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Otoplasty in Beverly Hills

If you would like to adjust the size, shape, or positioning of your ears or repair a torn earlobe, our otoplasty in Beverly Hills can help you achieve the look you desire. Whether you have protruding, prominent, asymmetrical, or torn ears, Sykes Plastic Surgery can reshape your ears to give them a new life. Otoplasty – or ear surgery – uses advanced surgical techniques to improve the appearance of your ears while maintaining healthy function.

Otoplasty can finally give you ears that look precisely how you want them to, more proportionally balanced with the rest of your features. Complete our contact form today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Sykes and learn more about a Los Angeles Otoplasty.

What Is a Otoplasty?

Whether for adults or children, otoplasty improves the appearance of the ears, so you no longer feel self-conscious about them. Cosmetic ear surgery typically involves reshaping or pinning the ears, restoring torn or damaged tissue, or repositioning them to a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Because otoplasty works on the ear’s external structures, your hearing is unaffected.

Benefits of a Otoplasty in Los Angeles

  • Decrease the prominence of large ears
  • Reposition the ears to lay flatter against the head
  • Repair torn or damaged earlobes
  • Correct congenital ear abnormalities
  • Permanent results
  • Increased self-confidence

What Happens During Otoplasty Surgery?

Most patients undergoing ear surgery are comfortable with local anesthesia, but sedation is also available. During your procedure, Dr. Sykes will make a small incision behind your ear in the crease. Through this incision, he will reshape the cartilage and position it using delicate stitches.

In cases where the earlobes need repair, Dr. Sykes will remove any scar tissue and delicately close the area with sutures to minimize visible scarring. Most ear surgery cases take between one to three hours, depending on the complexity of your procedure and the desired outcome.

Am I A Candidate for Otoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills?

Anyone who is unhappy with the size, shape, or projection of their ears or dissatisfied with previous otoplasty results may be a candidate for ear surgery. Ideal otoplasty candidates are in good physical health with fully developed ears free from an active ear infection. Dr. Sykes determines candidacy during your initial consultation, where he will listen to your aesthetic concerns and goals while performing a thorough systematic diagnostic examination.

The Otoplasty Recovery Process

After your otoplasty in Beverly Hills, you may experience some bruising and swelling. Dr. Sykes will place a surgical dressing over your ears to protect them. You will need to keep your ears clean and dry and avoid wearing glasses for the first 7-10 days. Otoplasty is a relatively safe and easy procedure that does not require too much downtime to recover.

Meet Jonathan Sykes, MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

A renowned leader and award-winning educator in the field of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Sykes served as the Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of California, Davis Medical Center for over 30 years. He is considered one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the world. Having performed live demonstrations of his cutting-edge techniques in over 15 countries, Dr. Sykes received the prestigious William Wright Teaching Award from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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When Can I See the Results From My Los Angeles Otoplasty?

The results of ear surgery are immediately visible, as the cartilage and tissues are reshaped to create more balance in your facial features. For the first week or two, you will need to wear surgical bandages to protect your ears, but once Dr. Sykes clears you to remove them, and the swelling subsides fully, you will see the final results of your newly shaped ears. Following Dr. Sykes’ post-operative instructions will ensure a smooth recovery and flawless results you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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