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Recovery Services

Recovery Services in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Recovery services such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and LED red light therapy offer innovative solutions for enhancing wellness and healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which increases oxygen levels in the body, promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation. On the other hand, LED red light therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of red light to penetrate the skin, stimulating cellular energy production and facilitating healing processes. Both modalities have shown promise in accelerating recovery from various conditions, ranging from sports injuries to chronic pain, providing individuals with non-invasive options to support their overall well-being and recovery journey. Complete our contact form today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Sykes to learn more.

Meet Jonathan Sykes, MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

A renowned leader and award-winning educator in the field of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Sykes served as the Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of California, Davis Medical Center for over 30 years. He is considered one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the world. Having performed live demonstrations of his cutting-edge techniques in over 15 countries, Dr. Sykes received the prestigious William Wright Teaching Award from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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