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Can a Brow Lift Fix Hooded Eyes?

If a brow lift is done well, and not overdone, it can fix hooded eyes by lifting the thicker skin of the eyebrow off of the thinner skin of the eyelid. However, if you have eyelid hooding, the brow lift will not address that.

Hooded eyes are the result of the eyebrow drooping causing the skin to descend onto the eyelid whereas eyelid hooding is when the eyelid skin is either sitting low on the eyeball (ptosis of the eyelid / droopy eyelid) or when the eyelid has extra skin. Brow lifts can help a little if the issue is just extra skin, but an upper blepharoplasty will address redundant and excess upper eyelid skin better.

Those who have ptosis tend to have brows that already sit a bit higher to compensate, so lifting the brow wouldn’t help and would just look unnatural. These patients can have all of one or all three of these conditions that contribute to their ptosis. Their eyelids are droopy, the sulcus is deep, and/or  the eyebrow is high. This can be in one eye or both eyes. When we fix ptosis of the eyelid,  it gives fullness to the eye and the eyebrow actually drops a bit, too, giving a much more natural look.

For true hooded eyes though, the brow lift is a great choice to lift the brow skin off the eyelid and open up the eyes. Once determined that a patient has hooded eyes, they often ask at what age is best to get a brow lift. The answer to that depends on age. Some patients have eyelids that begin to age earlier than others. When I consult with my patients I can assess their asymmetries and correct the things that make them look tired or aged. It could be a brow lift, upper eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery with ptosis repair, or any of the above.

If you are having problems with the skin above your eyes, I’d like to take a look at you and hear your questions. Contact us for a consultation. I look forward to seeing you and discussing your options.

About Dr. Jonathan Sykes

Dr. Jonathan Sykes is a world-famous expert plastic surgeon who performs all cosmetic and functional plastic surgery procedures on the face and neck. He is a past president of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and served on their Board of Directors for over 10 years. He is also a Professor Emeritus in Facial Plastic Surgery from UC Davis Medical Center, and the former Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at that institution.

He is known as the expert’s expert, and is often called to consult and advise other plastic surgeons in both Northern California and Beverly Hills. He has a special interest in eyelid and browlift surgery, facial rejuvenation surgery including facelifts, and rhinoplasty. He also has a particular interest in facial feminization surgery. Have questions? Email Dr.Sykes at: [email protected]