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Can You Get Rhinoplasty and a Lip Lift at the Same Time? 

The concept of performing a rhinoplasty and lip lift at the same time is mildly controversial. Many surgeons will do it, but as a general rule, I do not and I’ll very carefully tell you the reason why not.

Rhinoplasty involves some combination of incisions at the base of the nose. A lip lift, a sub-nasal lip lift, involves an incision in much the same location. If I’m doing a lot of anterior septal work and I dissect a lot of those tissues away, I’m compromising the blood supply to the area. If I add an incision for a lip lift, I further compromise it.

I have seen four patients in my career,  not patients of mine,  who have had simultaneous rhinoplasties and lip lifts, and they’ve gotten necrosis of the skin. It’s a devastating complication.

For that reason, I prefer to perform the rhinoplasty first and then the lip lift, about 2-3 months later, when the blood supply to that part of the nose is reestablished

There are many surgeons who will say they’ve successfully done rhinoplasty and lip lifts together, but don’t want to further compromise the patient’s safety. For me, it’s not worth the risk. I believe safety comes first when it comes to any type of surgery and I don’t want to take a risk, even if the percentages of a complication are low.

Can a rhinoplasty itself lift my lips?

A rhinoplasty doesn’t really lift your lip. It can show more of your lip more but doesn’t really lift it. A person with a long nose may notice a change in the orientation of the nose to the lip when having their tip lifted and while it may seem like it changes the shape of your lips, in reality, it doesn’t do anything to the vermilion of the lip.

Does rhinoplasty change your lips?

Rhinoplasty does change the way your lips move temporarily. For about a month after your rhinoplasty, your smile will seem odd because when you smile, you show a certain amount of your teeth, and when things are swollen the lips don’t move the same

Does rhinoplasty affect your smile?

Rhinoplasty does affect your smile but only temporarily and in some people. Those with a gummy smile might notice that their lip is not exposing as much of their gums right after surgery and for about 3-4 weeks because the lip will not move quite as much as it moves normally. After about a month, you’ll get 100% of your smile back.

If you have a question about your nose or your lips, email or call my office for an in-person or virtual consultation. I love doing rhinoplasties. I’ve done thousands of them, and I love doing lip lifts, it’s a common procedure for me. Schedule a consultation so I can look at your nose and/or your lips. I look forward to seeing you soon. 

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