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Blepharoplasty decreases lower eyelid sagging or puffiness and removes excess upper eyelid tissue. By correcting droopy, wrinkled, or puffy eyelids, our eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills at Sykes Facial Plastic Surgery brightens your eyes and revitalizes your overall complexion.

Why Choose Dr. Jonathan Sykes?

With over 37 years of experience diagnosing aesthetic and functional problems of the delicate eye area, Dr. Jonathan Sykes demonstrates unparalleled expertise in his ability to individualize these procedures. In his hands, over 20,000 patients have achieved their goal of looking their best through aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries.

Dr. Sykes uses his incredible eye for observation to assess the eyelid shape and position and individually contour the surgery for your specific needs. With a compassionate, patient-centered approach, Dr. Sykes guides patients toward the optimal procedure for their desired results and empowers them to choose what’s best.

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What is Blepharoplasty?

As we age, the muscles surrounding the eyes may begin to weaken, which causes sagging of the skin. Blepharoplasty addresses signs of aging in the upper and lower eyelids by extracting excess skin, fat, and muscle to create the desired appearance. Undergoing an eye lift in Beverly Hills can correct any of the following conditions impacting your eye aesthetic:

  • Excess skin hanging over the eye or obscuring the natural fold
  • Puffiness or bags around the eyes
  • Eyelid wrinkles

Am I a Candidate?

Candidates for blepharoplasty suffer from obstructed vision, excess eyelid skin, and puffiness and wrinkles in the eye area. An eye lift smooths and tightens the skin around the eyelids to experience a more youthful, rejuvenated aesthetic. For the ideal outcome, Dr. Sykes ensures that candidates meet the following criteria:

  • In good health without serious medical concerns or chronic eye issues
  • Able to avoid smoking for six weeks before and after surgery
  • Have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcome

Benefits of an Eye Lift

  • Decrease wrinkles and creases
  • Reduce under-eye puffiness and bags
  • Lift hooded eyelids
  • Brighten the eye area
  • Improve the field of vision
  • Minimize irritation caused by skin folds rubbing
  • Elevate your self-confidence
  • Revitalize your complexion for a more youthful appearance

What is the Procedure Like?

Eyelid surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, and Dr. Sykes ensures you are as comfortable as possible using anesthesia or sedation. The operation takes one to three hours, depending on whether you enhance one or both lids (upper and lower).

Upper Blepharoplasty

When correcting the upper eyelid conditions, Dr. Sykes makes an incision along the upper eyelid crease, concealing potential scarring. He will remove or reposition fat deposits, tighten the muscles, and remove excess skin through this incision.

Lower Blepharoplasty

To improve the appearance of the lower eyelids, Dr. Sykes makes one of two hidden incisions either below the lower lash line to remove excess skin or within the lower eyelid – a transconjunctival incision. Both options allow him to rearrange or remove fat deposits.

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The Eye Lift Recovery Process

Eyelid surgery alone requires approximately one week of downtime from your regular activities to rest and recover. During this period, you may experience bruising, swelling, or discomfort that can easily be managed by following the aftercare instructions given to you by Dr. Sykes. Ice packs and keeping your head elevated while you sleep will alleviate swelling, and Dr. Sykes will advise you when you can safely return to more strenuous activities.

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When Can I See the Results?

Once the swelling goes down, patients are usually thrilled with the aesthetic rejuvenation of their eyelids. Most patients report less excess skin and fat, which freshens the eye area for a brighter, more radiant, and youthful look. Because Dr. Sykes knows precisely how to properly care for the delicate eye area, you can trust his expertise to produce the highest quality results.

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Eye Lift Before & After

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Blepharoplasty can correct any imperfections in your eyelids that may prevent you from looking as fresh and vibrant as you feel inside. During your consultation, Dr. Sykes will carefully and compassionately listen to your aesthetic concerns and build a plan with you to achieve a look that boosts your confidence. If you’re ready to brighten your eyes, call our office today or use our online form to schedule your consultation for eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills with Dr. Jonathan Sykes.

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