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How Long After a Facelift Can You Have a Revision?

When somebody asks about having a revision after a facelift, it’s important to understand what they’re not happy with or what they are looking to improve. These questions are an important part of the consultation. Here’s a quick guide.

What is a revision facelift?

There are times when part of a revision facelift is a small thing, revising a scar and doing something small. So the term revision can come with something small or completely redoing everything. Second facelifts are common.

I operate on a lot of people that might be 50 or 52 years old when they had their first facelift. And I’ve been practicing long enough that they’re now 66 or 68 or 70 years old and might want a second facelift. And certainly I’ve seen patients that I’ve done a fourth or fifth facelift on. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when you’ve had four or five facelifts that it’s going to look unnatural for me. I always like making facelifts look natural and faces look natural. 

Can you have a second facelift?

A second facelift is something I do all the time, and often it’s 10, 12, 15 or 20 years later. But it is a little different when we think of it as a revision facelift, and we’re thinking of that within a year or two because that implies that the patient’s dissatisfied with the surgical result from their original or first operation. And there’s an important difference. If you have a facelift when you’re 42 and you have another one when you’re 60 years old, that’s a revision operation.

But it’s not because you’re unhappy, it’s because you got older. And that’s a big difference between somebody coming back a year later saying that they don’t like it because it looks distorted or it’s not lifted tight enough. In those cases, I want to wait a minimum of six months.

Someone might ask, why do you wait longer for revision noses with a nasal operation? That’s because I’m trying to do fine definition things, and I want that scar tissue to be very mature. But for facelift operations, the scar tissue doesn’t have to be super mature. I don’t have to wait a year or two. 

How much does a revision facelift cost?

It depends who you go to. The range can be anywhere from $10,000 up to places here in Los Angeles where it’s $250,000 for a facelift. It depends who you go to, where you have it done, and the skill level of the person that’s doing it. As a general rule, what is important is that you identify to your surgeon what you don’t like, and then your surgeon is honest about what they can help you achieve.

Usually we can. And we discuss whether something else might have to be done with the lift. Are you not pulled tight enough because you don’t have enough volume in your face? Maybe then we’ve got to re-lift you and do some fat transfer or something else with the operation. Do you need a chin implant to give structure to your jawline? So to me, the consultation is important as it is with everything I do. 

If you have a problem with a prior facelift, give me a call, email me to a virtual consult or come in in person. That’s obviously the best to always do. But I would love to see and discuss your issues, your problems or just your concerns.

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