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How Long Does Neck Liposuction Last?

Before we can answer how long neck liposuction lasts, we need to determine the quality of the neck skin and then determine what needs to be done. 

Neck liposuction is performed when a patient has excess fat on the neck. The goal is to remove that fat so that the skin can redrape, giving a better contour to the neck skin. Whether or not that can happen is related to the individual patient’s neck structures. Do they just have excess fat, but relatively tight skin, a soft tissue envelope or are the skin soft tissue portions of the face really sagging, drooping and lax? Those are the questions we have to ask. 

How much does neck liposuction cost?

The cost of neck liposuction varies, depending on the type of anesthesia used and If I’m doing other procedures during the surgery. To give you a base price, for neck liposuction by itself, under local anesthesia, I charge $4750. Frequently, I will be doing neck liposuction with other procedures, such as a chin implant to get angulation or I may be adding buccal fat removal. In those instances I create a custom package to include all procedures and will determine whether local or general anesthesia is best.

How long is the recovery from liposuction?

Recovery from liposuction develops in stages. As a general rule, neck liposuction does not hurt very much. After about 12 hours, most of my patients are off of pain medicine and by the day following surgery, they’re usually only taking acetaminophen. Obviously pain thresholds are individual to each patient and can vary. I can’t predict that there will not be any pain, but through experience and reports from my patients, the pain from this type of surgery is low. 

What can be a little bit of an issue is that, in order to get a good result, I advise patients to wear an ace bandage or a compression garment for seven to nine days. It can be removed for half an hour here or there, but I prefer patients to wear it pretty much 24/7. This contributes to lessening the recovery time because the compression garment puts pressure on the skin, keeping it in place and speeding up recovery time.

Does neck liposuction leave scars?

Neck liposuction does result in a scar but it’s very small and hard to see. Most of us have fallen when we’re young and may have a little scar on our chins that is pretty well hidden. When I’m making the incision, I place it in the crease of the chin so that the scar sits in the shadow of the jawline and it’s pretty hard to see. What little scar there is, I make look very esthetic.

Should I get neck liposuction or a neck lift?

Choosing whether to get neck liposuction or a neck lift is a fundamental question. It depends on age, skin laxity, and the amount of excess fat in the neck. If you’re a thirty two year old person who has a little bit of excess fat but no saggy skin, you’re a perfect candidate for liposuction alone. On the other hand, if you’re a 58 year old person and your skin has started to sag or you’ve got what we might call a “saggy neck,” just removing the fat will not result in the skin redraping well enough to improve the contour. In that case a neck lift or a lower face lift might be a better option. 

What are the best procedures for a sagging neck?

The best procedures for a sagging neck depends on how much sagging there is. If the skin sagging is minimal, neck liposuction alone is usually sufficient, but if the skin really sages, I might suggest a neck lift or lower face lift. During a consultation  I look at each individual, examining the physical soft tissues, and I make a suggestion as to what would be the best procedure to give them a satisfying result. Individualizing this treatment is really what each of my patients needs. 

Do you have questions about your neck, about your jawline, or about your mid face? Call or email me? I do lots and lots of facelifts and have done a few thousand in my life.

I’d love to see you in my office for neck liposuction, either alone or with a neck lift or a lower facelift. 

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