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What Does It Feel Like to Get Fillers?

It feels different for every patient who gets filler, but for most, they feel nothing or a little bit of pressure, but no pain. Everyone is different. Some are more pain-sensitive or skin-sensitive than others, but most of my patients

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Where Should Lip Fillers Be Injected?

Lip fillers should be injected into the red part of the lip, which includes the vermillion border. This is the border around our lips between the white skin and red lips. Injecting there perks up the lips and defines them.

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How Do I Massage Lip Fillers?

If you’re wondering if you should massage your lips after getting lip fillers, maybe we should start with a bigger question: “What do I need to do after lip fillers to minimize my swelling and minimize my problems?” I think

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Can I Get a Dental Block for Lip Fillers?

Patients ask for a dental block for lip fillers all the time. They want full, voluptuous, and natural lips, but don’t want to have too much pain. Their general impression is: “If you’re going to stick something into my lip,

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What Is a Corner Lip Lift?

A lot of my patients ask, can I get a corner lip lift? I’m going to tell you right at the beginning, I’m not in favor of this procedure for the most part. I’m going to tell you why I’m not,

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The Beverly Hills Guide to Lip Fillers

Having full pouty lips is all the rage, today. If you look on the internet, women want to make their lips look full, pouty, and even sexy. Lip fillers can be a safe and easy way to enhance the perioral appearance. The

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