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What Causes a Dorsal Hump Nose?

A dorsal hump nose can be genetic or can be caused by trauma to the nose. Having a straight and aquiline profile is something most people desire, which is what causes many patients to seek rhinoplasty to remove the hump.

What causes the hump?

If you look at your parents and one or both have a hump, you can thank them for your dorsal hump nose. You may also have fallen or bumped your nose as a young child. While you do not have any memory of it, this caused a callous formation. Once a person hits puberty, the nose grows a lot and that may be when the hump becomes apparent. Bumping your nose may also have deviated the septum, which becomes more obvious once a person reaches puberty.

Is a dorsal hump common?

Dorsal humps are more common in some cultures and ethnicities than others. In Eastern and Northern European populations, bumps on the nose and dorsal humps are very common while in Asia, it’s not nearly as common. So whether you have a bump or not depends on a combination of where you live, your genetics and whether or not you had trauma.

Can you get rid of a dorsal hump during surgery?

There are two ways to get rid of a dorsal hump. One involves surgery and the other is minimally invasive. With surgery, we file down the bone and cut off the excess cartilage. The other way is to camouflage the bump by putting filler above and below it. This creates a straight profile, which has made injection rhinoplasties very popular. However, this method doesn’t make the nose smaller. If a patient wants the bump gone and a smaller nose, surgery is the best option.

I love doing surgery in the nose and I love injecting the nose with filler. What’s right for you? I don’t know until I see you in my office. Call for a consultation, come into my office and see me, so we can decide on the best treatment for you.

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