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What Does Jawline Contouring Do?

Jawline contouring is a euphemistic term used to describe the procedure to make the jawline look better. If you look at a fashion model, whether it be male or female, you’ll see that almost all of them have strong  jawlines that are uninterrupted. In other words, the skin doesn’t sag around the bone and they’ve got a relatively sharp angle between their jawline, their mandible and their neck. For that to happen, there can’t be any redundant tissue, no extra fat, and no extra muscle in the neck. 

So let’s talk about what it takes to enhance the jawline. For some people, the jaw is too big and we reduce it. But in most people, it involves augmentation of the jawline which includes the chin, the area next to the chin (the paragonial angle), and more posteriorly near the angle of the jaw under the earlobe. Anywhere along the jawline can be enhanced. 

There are many ways to accomplish this. The most versatile way is to do it with filler using little drops. We inject these little boluses along the jawline where it is needed most, whether it be in the chin, adjacent to the chin to widen it, and at the back angle angle. This procedure doesn’t require surgery. It’s just an office visit done using a topical anesthetic. The filler also gets mixed with a little bit of lidocaine before injecting, making it a relatively pain free procedure that provides dramatic results.

Contouring of the jaw with filler is best done in three dimensions. We can actually project the chin more, lengthen it, give it the illusion of shortening by putting filler up high or can widen it. It is really important to go to someone who understands the anatomy and who understands the esthetics of the chin. It’s not just a matter of squirting gel in there. 

Another option to improve the jawline is by using implants. Most commonly, an implant is inserted in the chin, but there are times that we use them at the rear of the jaw under the earlobe. I don’t like those as much because the root of the placement is through the mouth versus the chin implant which is done through the neck, which is more sterile. A chin implant is a great option for those who have weak chins, or a receding chin, because it gives great projection. 

How long does jawline contouring last?

Jawline contouring can last up to 10 months when done with filler, but it’s permanent when using implants. With filler, the length of time depends on which filler is used. The thicker options, such as Juvederm Voluma last the longest.

How much does jaw sculpting cost?

If I augment the entire chin with filler, I may do that with one to two syringes and the cost is based on which filler I use and how much is used. On the low end, if I used one syringe of less expensive filler, it might cost $650 to $700, but if I use two syringes of a more lifting and longer lasting filler, it might cost as much as $2,000. 

Jaw contouring makes the face appear stronger and more youthful because having strength of the jawline gets rid of some sagging that happens when we age. My patients love the results and the fact that they can look at the mirror immediately afterwards and say, “wow” is the best experience that I can have as an injector and as a surgeon. 

So if you’re thinking about jaw contouring and want to talk about it, I would love to see you. Call me or email me. Seeing you in person is the best, if that’s possible, but sometimes we do a virtual consultation. I look forward to seeing you one way or another. 

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