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Can a Facelift and Rhinoplasty Be Done Together?

facelift and rhinoplasty can absolutely be done together and it is something that I do often. There are a couple of really big advantages to doing these surgeries at the same time. One of the biggest reasons is the healing time. By doing it all together, you heal both surgeries at once.

The other big advantage is that I will occasionally need cartilage to reconstruct the nose. Sometimes there’s a cartilage deficit if a person has had a previous rhinoplasty and their nose was over-resected. In that case, we need to use cartilage from another part of the body to reconstruct the area. Most often I’ll take that cartilage from the ear.

The beauty of doing a rhinoplasty and facelift at the same time is that with the facelift, I am already making an incision behind the ear to lift up the neck and face. While I’m there, I can harvest the cartilage that I need for the nose from the ear. It does not change the structure of the ear and can be used reconstruct the ala or the bridge of the nose.

Does a facelift, when done by itself, change your nose?

A facelift alone can sometimes change your nose. Not aesthetically, but internally. In 2002, a colleague of mine and I did a study on rhinomanometry (how people breathe through their nose) and examined the structure of the nose before and after a facelift. We found that if the cheek was well lifted during the facelift, it actually helped with breathing. I’ve had patients who come in for a nose job and explain how they do not like the appearance but also are not breathing well through their nose. They often pull up on their nose skin and say they can breathe better that way. In essence, they’re lifting the valve of their nose open, which a good facelift will do.

How long is the recovery after a facelift and how long is recovery after a rhinoplasty?

The recovery time after a facelift or rhinoplasty, done separately is about the same. If done together, there is simultaneous recovery which means you recover from both in the same amount of time as one of the surgeries. That being said, it takes about 10 days for people to look presentable after a rhinoplasty, a facelift, or a combination rhinoplasty/facelift. If rhinoplasty is involved, a splint is worn on top of the nose for the first week. I wouldn’t suggest kickboxing or weightlifting at 10 days, but most activities can be resumed. 

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