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Can I Get a Lower Lip Lift?

Patients often ask me, can I get a lower lip lift? The answer is: Yes. A lower lip lift, in general, is done by excising skin with the idea that we’re going to change the contours of the lip. While not as common as an upper lip lift, a lower lip lift can help patients with thin lower lips that may not be a good candidate for lip fillers. Here’s a quick guide.

How do you lift your lower lip?

First, let’s start by understanding an UPPER lip lift. We lift the upper lip by removing skin under the nose, shortening the white lip, and revealing more of the red lip (also called the vermillion lip.) In a lower lip lift, in a similar fashion, patients have their lower lip inverted, or turned out, so we see more of their red or pink lip. This makes the lips fuller, and often it gives them a more natural appearance than filler injections might. So can you do that? Yes. The challenge becomes the scar. In an upper lip lift, the incision can be made far away from the lip that we’re trying to change. But in the lower lip, we’ve got to make the incision right in front. We can’t make it down on the chin. We have to make an incision near the lower lip, and excise, or remove, the white lipped skin, in order to evert, or turn out, the red vermillion of the lower lip.

Do lower lip lifts look natural?

Yes, an expert lower lip lift can look natural. To look natural, it simply requires you don’t create a scar that looks unnatural, or create scarring that results in an unnatural contour. So the things to beware of: 1) A scar that doesn’t look good, like maybe the scar is too thick, or 2) The scar changes the lip contour in such a way that it makes the lip look unnatural.

If it’s done carefully and not overdone, a lower uplift can add to the fullness of the lower look. Overall, lower lip gloss get done much less in incidence, then do upper lip lifts.

How long does that lower lip lift last?

Well, in reality, a lip lift ought to last for many, many years. It takes a lot of aging to have the results of a lower lip lift go away. So, it should last many years. Just remember, this is a procedure that’s uncommonly done. But in the right patient, for example a patient who has a very thin lip, where it’s almost impossible to give them enough volume with filler. A little shift would change the ratio of the weight to the red lip, and it could be a procedure that would work for you.

Have questions about lower lip lifts?

If you have questions about this, call or email any time. I’d love to hear from you, and I look forward to seeing you in my office.

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