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Can You Do a Revision Rhinoplasty Twice? 

You can have a revision rhinoplasty twice, three times, four, or even five times, but the complexity of the surgery increases as well as the amount of scar tissue with each additional revision.

The surgeon needs to evaluate the scar tissue, skin thickness and internal structure of the nose before a revision rhinoplasty to determine whether or not they can produce the result that that individual wants. 

What’s a minor revision rhinoplasty?

A minor revision rhinoplasty is when there are some small residual issues that remain after an initial nose job or revision rhinoplasty. A small bump, a little concavity, or some clumping of the alar are all minor things that can be tweaked.

In comparison, a major revision rhinoplasty is when the nose has been over resected, meaning too much bone or cartilage has been taken out. In order to create a good nasal contour, the structure has to be replaced with rib or ear cartilage.

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