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Can You Put Filler In the Apples of Your Cheeks?

Filler is a great option to fill out the apples of your cheeks, which can become gaunt with weight loss or overtime with aging. Flatness in that area can also be a genetic trait, but we all agree that volume makes us look younger. 

The apples of your cheeks are located between the cheekbone and nose horizontally, in the middle of your face between the eye socket and mouth vertically. This is the malar eminence, which is the lateral defining point of the cheek. It’s important that we have balance in the face so so we don’t want to augment the apples too much. In a patient who has poor bony support centrally and who has deep folds, I go straight through the skin down to the bone and deposit small amounts of filler to fill out the front of the cheek, and give it more volume. 

What is the best filler for cheek augmentation?

The best fillers for cheek augmentation are Restylane Lyft, Voluma, or even Defyne and Restylane Defyne, It really depends on each individual’s needs, but for the most part, the fillers that are able to move the soft tissues more are the best choices.

How many syringes of filler do you need to augment the cheek?

The number of syringes of filler needed to augment the cheek depends on each individual. If the patient is really flat and deficient in that area, they are going to need more filler than someone who just needs a little volume added.If a patient has a very saggy soft tissue envelope, we may need to use more filler to get the volume desired. 

I look at each patient’s bone structure, how much soft tissue they have, and whether their soft tissue envelope is strong or not. As a general rule, I use about one CC, which is one ml of filler, in the apple of the cheek. If I’m augmenting the lateral cheek, I may use two to three CCs or syringes. It’s all about balance and each individual patient’s anatomy. 

If you have questions about this, call me, email me, or come see me. I’d love to consult with you and answer your individual questions, so we can come up with a treatment plan for you that makes you look refreshed, but not done. Natural is the word. 

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