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Can Filler Help a Downturned Mouth?

Filler can be used to temporarily lift the corners of a downturned mouth by providing support to the lip corners. If there is also sagging of the skin in that area, a better way to accomplish this is through a surgical procedure called a corner lip lift where we make an incision at the corners of the mouth, remove some tissue, and close it to lift the corners up. While this is a more permanent lift, it can result in small scars, and even though we are great at hiding scars, it’s a tough scar to hide. 

When the mouth turns down it can make us appear as if we’re sad or angry. This look has been coined “resting bitch face” and is often associated with generalized aging of the whole jaw region. When the corners of the mouth are turned up, we look younger, happier, and more refreshed. It changes the way we feel about ourselves, and the way others feel about us. My goal is to do whatever I can do to turn the corners of the mouth up or at least get them parallel.

How does filler lift the corners of my mouth?

By placing filler under the corners of the mouth we are able to get a lifting effect. Additionally, if the depressor muscles that pull the corners down are stronger than the elevator muscles that pull the corners up, we may use some Botulinum Toxin to weaken those depressor muscles, so that the elevators can work unopposed.

The use of filler and botulinum toxin work extremely well on those who do not have sagging skin in the lower face. For those who are experiencing some sag due to aging, a corner lip lift or even a lower face lift might be recommended. The best way to determine the most effective treatment is by letting me examine your face.

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