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Can Filler Help a Pointy Chin?

Filler is a great non-invasive way to smooth out a pointy chin. It works quite well to augment the chin and give you a more attractive profile. A well-projected chin shows strength in a male face and gives a woman that much-coveted snatched jawline as depicted on many Instagram posts. 

I often say, in my articles about chins, that it’s interesting that not one US President has ever had a small chin. This is most likely because a defined chin makes us appear stronger and oftentimes, more capable. 

Why does my chin look so pointy?

Your chin looks pointy due to a combination of things such as your type of bone, muscle and skin. Your bone structure is genetic, and then you have to take into consideration the way the muscles contract over the bone and how thick the skin is, which affects how it drapes over the muscle and bone.

When we augment the chin and jawline with filler, we look at the cause of the pointy chin. If the bone is causing this sharp appearance, we will typically inject filler on either side of the point to make it more square. If the pointiness is caused by hypercontraction of that muscle, we use a little botulinum toxin, such as Botulinum Toxin, Dysport, or Xeomin, which will make the muscle contract a little less, giving a softer appearance. 

For a chin that is very pointy and very large, alternative procedures may be recommended such as surgery to contour the bone with a burr or by using a chin implant, or both. This is why it’s really important to go to someone who has the ability to perform all these modalities, from injecting filler to using implants, and shaping and sculpting bone.

What’s the best filler for chin augmentation?

The best filler for chin augmentation is a filler that has a high G Prime, which is a high lifting capacity, such as Radiesse, Voluma, or Restylane Lyft. At the center of the chin, there is a thick fat area that requires this type of filler to augment the area. 

The best way to determine the most effective treatment for your pointy chin is through a personal consultation with me, either in person or by video chat. While I love meeting my patients in person, I am not always available. If you have questions about your chin or jawline, call me, or email me. I love creating snatched chins and jawlines.

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