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Category: Plastic Surgery


Can Filler Help a Downturned Mouth?

Filler can be used to temporarily lift the corners of a downturned mouth by providing support to the lip corners. If there is also sagging of the skin in that area, a better way to accomplish this is through a

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How Do You Get Rid of Jowls?

A facelift, jowl lift, or buccal fat removal are a few ways to get rid of jowls. These pesky protrusions occur with age due to lax skin or lax muscle. The term jowls is sort of a euphemistic term that doesn’t have an

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The Expert Guide to Mini Neck Lifts

Patients love the concept of mini lifts, but they don’t always want mini lift results. In order to change someone’s neck and reverse the signs of aging, a careful diagnosis of what causes that individual’s neck aging is necessary. I

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