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How Much Should Your Chin Project? 

The chin and the jawline, like any other facial structure, is a structure that needs to be in anatomic balance and harmony with the rest of your facial features. So if you’re a petite woman, you should have a smaller jaw. If you’re a 6 foot 7 guy, you’re likely to have a bigger jaw.

What causes a recessed jaw?

Small chins can be caused by many different things, but usually it’s an inherited trait where one or both parents has a smaller chin or a recessed mandible which can be just in the chin itself or in the whole lower jaw. 

To fix it we can camouflage with injections of filler such as Restylane, Juvederm, or any of the hyaluronic acids, or by injecting a patient’s own fat into the chin. For a more permanent solution, a solid chin implant is an option, or we can cut and advance the bone which is called a sliding genioplasty. 

How risky is a sliding genioplasty?

The real risk during a sliding genioplasty is possible damage to the sensory nerves that come out of the bone. The surgeon needs to avoid this area. Other than that, there aren’t a lot of risks to it. It’s not a bleeding operation and it’s not infectious, making it a low risk operation.

The procedure is done by sliding the chin bone forward, and then attaching it with some hardware. This allows for a three dimensional correction of a chin and there is so much we can do. We can advance it, retract it, make it longer, make it shorter, or if it’s asymmetric, we can advance it and turn it a little to the side to make the person more symmetric. 

I do a lot of chin surgery. I’ve been doing it for years, and I think beautiful chins add to the overall attractiveness of a patient. Call me or email me about your chin or about anything else on your face. I like helping people like you, diagnosing you, giving you options, and helping you decide on what’s the best therapy to make you look your best. 

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