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What Is the Most Desired Nose Shape?

Based on pictures that patients have brought in over the years, most people seem to prefer tiny, stylized noses that don’t stick out much from their face and that is a little turned up.

What makes a good side nose profile?

A good side nose profile is a profile where the upper part of the profile is straight with a slight concavity toward the lower half of the nose that leads into a slightly elevated nasal tip. 

What is the perfect nose size?

There isn’t a perfect nose size. What’s really important is that the size of the nose is balanced with the rest of the facial features. A taller guy should theoretically have a stronger nose and guys often prefer a straight profile rather than a turned-up tip. On the flip side, a smaller person or a woman may want a narrower tip, a slightly up-turned tip. We call this a supra tip. However, nose shape is a very personal decision.

What I like to do with my patients is give them the most natural nose. What do I mean by natural? I mean that the nose doesn’t change their appearance dramatically. I want my patients to look like an improved version of themselves, but still look like themselves.  People often say my results are subtle, but I think my patients look like they were born with an attractive or beautiful nose, not someone who had a nose job. Most rhinoplasties result in noses that are pinched with tips that are elevated too much or a bridge that is too narrow.

One important thing to be aware of is that small noses don’t breathe as well because there’s less room under the bridge to let air in. A lot of times people come in requesting a smaller nose, whether it’s their natural nose or a nose that has already been altered through rhinoplasty, but that didn’t give them a small enough nose.

The smaller that you make a nose, the less well it will breathe. I always make it a point to try and straighten the septum and create enough width to the middle third of the nose while adding enough support so there is no collapse that alters or obstructs the nasal breathing. This is an operation that we want to maximize function breathing and maximize aesthetics of appearance. We want to do both of those together.

To me, there is no better surgery on the face or the body than a rhinoplasty. A well-done nose job makes everyone prettier or more handsome. It’s not a specific shape or a specific size that makes for great rhinoplasty. Optimizing the face is what matters and that’s what I try to do.

If you want to have a consultation with me to understand my philosophy and style, I’m glad to see you. Call or email me to come in or consult with me virtually. I would love to see you. 

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