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What Is the Russian Lip Technique?

The Russian lip technique is the art of injecting the lips vertically versus horizontally. This technique is done using a bunch of tiny injections that creates a heart-shaped lip where the areas near the philtrum columns and Cupid’s bow are very augmented and the rest of the lip remains almost the same.  This gives a plump mid-lip pout which has become very popular on Instagram and on other social media platforms, but it doesn’t work as well for everyone. As with any procedure, each individual has their own needs to balance their facial features. 

Some lips are very thin and they need eversion while other lips are thicker and mostly need volumizing to an already nice shape. We use two methods to inject lips. One of them is by injecting horizontally to the lips while the other is done with vertical injections that are not quite the Russian lip technique which is only done at the center of the top lip.

Why are Russian lip fillers different?

Russian lips fillers are not different, it’s the technique that is different. We use the same hyaluronic acid product for all lip injection techniques, The Russian lip technique typically works best on those who already have a C or a D minus cup lip, and where we only have to augment it a little. 

However, with thinner lips, it might not work as well/ For thin lips, I prefer a vertical orientation over the entire lip area, which will evert the lip, and push more of the red lip out.

How long do Russian lip fillers last?

Russian lip technique fillers last as long as any other technique used to inject filler. As a general rule, fillers in the lip don’t last as long as they do in other parts of the face because we move our lips a lot. The more we move them, the more we eat up filler.

We do get cosmetically aggressive patients who love the way their lips look a day after I inject them. They like the swollen look and when the swelling goes down, they want more filler, but I try to stick to repeating filler every three or four months in the lip. I would rather inject my patients every three or four months than over-injecting their lips to make the filler last longer. 

The Russian lip technique produces great results on some people but not as good results on other people. This is why I recommend an individual consultation so I can find out what your goals are and then I can let you know what we can achieve. Come in to see me, call me, or email me. 

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