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Does a Lip Lift Leave a Scar?

A lip lift does leave a scar, but it’s typically undetectable after a few weeks. Upper lip lifts are done with an external incision that is placed either on the lip under  the nose or rarely it can be placed directly above

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Can I Get a Lower Lip Lift?

Patients often ask me, can I get a lower lip lift? The answer is: Yes. A lower lip lift, in general, is done by excising skin with the idea that we’re going to change the contours of the lip. While

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What Is a Bullhorn Lip Lift?

A bullhorn lip lift describes the shape of the incision that we’re going to make when we do a central lip lift. I actually don’t like this term. I like to call this is a sub-nasal lip lift. Sub-nasal means

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What Is a Corner Lip Lift?

A lot of my patients ask, can I get a corner lip lift? I’m going to tell you right at the beginning, I’m not in favor of this procedure for the most part. I’m going to tell you why I’m not,

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