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Recent and Upcoming Trends in Rhinoplasty

As a leading expert in rhinoplasty and a trusted facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, our very own Dr. Jonathan Sykes knows a thing or two about rhinoplasty–as well as some of its best trends and techniques. Today we’re examining recent and

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Tips for a Faster Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, often called blepharoplasty surgery, is a very common surgical option. It can be a cosmetic or medically necessary procedure. Cosmetic reasons commonly include wanting to look younger or more alert. If you have drooping eyelids or puffiness around

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What Makes a Beautiful Nose?

Humans are visual creatures, so they will be able to see facial features first and above all else. A beautiful nose, eyes, and teeth are important for a lot of reasons, and all shapes and sizes reflect this. Beautiful noses

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Can I Lift My Face Without Surgery?

If you want to lift your face without surgery, there are a couple of options such as a liquid facelift, which is done by using filler in the face, or a thread lift using barbed threads inserted into the skin

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Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Many people consider their bodies to be a piece of art or a sacred temple that should be cared for in deeply unique ways. When someone wants to enhance their natural features to bring out their inner beauty, there are

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How Much Should Your Chin Project? 

The chin and the jawline, like any other facial structure, is a structure that needs to be in anatomic balance and harmony with the rest of your facial features. So if you’re a petite woman, you should have a smaller

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Can You Do a Revision Rhinoplasty Twice? 

You can have a revision rhinoplasty twice, three times, four, or even five times, but the complexity of the surgery increases as well as the amount of scar tissue with each additional revision. The surgeon needs to evaluate the scar

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Do Thread Lifts Leave Scars? 

Thread lifts do not leave scars, which is one of the benefits of going this route for some facial rejuvenation. It’s performed through a small poke hole, or several of them, that are about the size of a pin prick.  Many

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